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  1. DLG

    Ubers National Dex Ubers Stage 2 - Dragons (Koraidon suspect test)

    smogon and their stall favoritism and stall metas strike once again. (I will be voting ban on koraidon)
  2. DLG

    Resource National Dex Viability Rankings

    Writing a post about Mega Venusaur because no one is seeming to talk about this pokemon. Mega Venusaur UR -> C/B- :sv/venusaur-mega: Mega Venusaur serves as an anti-meta threat challenging the most common playstyles currently such as sun, HO, rain, rotom wash offenses, and mega diancie and...
  3. DLG

    Non-official SV National Dex Suspect #3 - Zamazenta

    Zamazenta: Do not ban
  4. DLG

    Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tour - Battle Pools (Round One) - Pool #65-#96 DLG (3-0) vs Ultraplayer
  5. DLG

    Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tournament - Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [$450 Prize Pool]

    Name DLG Discord Tag dolphin#2267 Time Zone GMT-5
  6. DLG

    z0mOG's Wholesome Big Chungus Make New Friends Team Tour 3 - Round 2

    won in 2 ggs
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    Yes that works, let’s do it

    Yes that works, let’s do it
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    Hi we play for z0mogs tour, when can you play? my timezone is gmt -4 (EST) Best times are...

    Hi we play for z0mogs tour, when can you play? my timezone is gmt -4 (EST) Best times are Saturday or Sunday.
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    Announcement The Smogon Main Discord is Looking for New Team Raters! [OLD] [SEE NEW THREAD]

    Discord:Dolphin#2267 The meta you'd like to rate.:SM OU I have been playing SMOU for over 5 years, since about the pre-pokebank metagame, consistently playing since then. I have demonstrated knowledge of the metagame through rating teams for SMOU on the discord over the past year. Zeno...
  10. DLG

    Non-official National Dex - Dragapult Voting

    Dragapult: Do Not Unban
  11. DLG

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Id like to change my name to just “DLG”. I made this account over 4 years ago and would like to shorten it. I believe it will be much more recognizable. oki--mari